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‘Multi_viral’ infects the sleeping consciences

Nov. 13 . 13, the day that Calle 13 fans was waiting for has arrived: the song 'Multi_viral' has been published. It is not a regular song, It is a song composed by Calle 13 and the cyber-activist Julian Assange. The hype began when René of Calle 13 announced that he was going to co-write a song with the controversial journalist. In addition, it would be done by streaming and with the collaboration of the users of Twitter, under the hashtag #JulianAssangeCalle13. The idea was simple: to bring together all the voices of users, the band itself, and Julian Assange and "manipulate them, like media does".

The result, a voracious review towards the manipulation of information, and a global challenge to the listeners: to stand up to the injustices of our century. In fact, the song implicitly portrays the 21st century problems through social criticism and emphasizes the misinformation, the fraud in the pharmaceutical industry, the poor quality food, and the need for joint action.

The lyrics seem connected by an invisible thread that unifies ideas and messages with the general mental collective. Rene sings "We are 132 and 15M", getting closer to the social movements of the world. Namely, instead of approaching to a target audience, closed, with specific characteristics, ' Multi_viral ' is catapulted onto the world stage, and falls like a bomb that incinerates the crowd. Calle 13‘s songs illustrate most diverse topics , from ‘Atrévete’ (a reggaeton song) to "Querido FBI" (an ode to freedom of Puerto Rico). Calle 13 develops a provocation and a strategy to reach a wider audience: a reggaeton consuming public, or a progressive public; an audience that wants to dance and one that is driven by inflammatory messages.

'Multi_viral’ features the voice of the artist Kamilya Jubran, a Palestinian citizen representing the voice of resistance and struggle for freedom. She has created an artistic-political process, deep and dynamic, that has spawned a new style of modern Arabic music . The chorus of the song, in Arabic, proclaims: "It all began with a blaze / We want the rulers exiled / With a blaze / From our gazes".

It clearly reflects the widespread discontent of citizens towards the dominant power. The music also compares the manipulation of the media with the worst of the violence. When a government gives the order to quell a protest with batons and tear gas it is exerting violence. When a family evicted from their home, it is exerting violence. Moreover, it is exercised indirectly through some of its laws and voted democratically. It is shown when they allow social segregation and the chasm between classes. “Biased news is an armed assault" is simply a description of the misinformation that compares to the violent situation in which citizens are involved.

René's intention was to talk about the connectivity that exists globally. Therefore, the result has been an interconnection between ideas, social movements, and musical styles. Julian Assagne meanwhile, adds a message that confirms the intent of the song which refers to the globalization of social struggle. His intervention in the song, in English, brings together the citizens from Cairo to Quito.

'Multi_viral' is provocative, rhythmic and even threatening. The song reaches many levels of society, from parents to children. It is transnational, multigenerational, global. It has an honest message that invokes a revolutionary spirit among the listeners.

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